Atmospheric water collector

  • US 4,255,937 A
  • Filed: 11/22/1978
  • Issued: 03/17/1981
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/22/1978
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An atmospheric water collector comprising a cabinet (10), said cabinet having an upper compartment (12) and a separate lower compartment (23), a horizontal partition (22) between said upper and said lower compartments, a dehumidifier (20) located in said upper compartment (23) and a water collecting and storing tank (30) located in said lower compartment (23), a water feed conduit (26) connecting said dehumidifier (20) to said water tank (30), said feed conduit (26) extending through said horizontal partition (22), a filter unit (28) in said feed conduit (26), said water feed conduit (26) conducting its collected water through said filter unit (28), a water discharge conduit (40) connecting said water tank through a water pump (42) and check valve (44) up through said horizontal partition (22) to a combination discharge spout and water pump control switch (48) outside of said upper compartment (12), a water tank water level control (38) in said water tank (30) connected to said dehumidifier (20) to deactivate said dehumidifier when the water level in said water tank is at a predetermined height, and an ultra-violet water sterilizing lamp (34) in said water tank above said predetermined water level height, a filter (45) on said water discharge conduit (40) in a separate compartment (46) above said horizontal partition, said dehumidifier compartment (12) having oppositely located perforated walls (16, 18) permitting air circulation through said upper compartment (12) about said dehumidifier, a refrigerator apparatus including a refrigerator unit (52), a condenser (54) and an evaporator (56), all located to cool said lower compartment (23), said cabinet having a verticle door (24) and door opening providing one verticle wall of said lower compartment (23) and a horizontal cover (41) and horizontal opening at the top of said upper compartment (12), thereby providing ready access to all units of said water collector.

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