Liquid filtering device

  • US 4,655,910 A
  • Filed: 04/04/1986
  • Issued: 04/07/1987
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/15/1985
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A liquid filtering device, particularly for irrigation water installations of the type comprising a housing with an inlet port and an outlet port and a cylindrical filter member installed within the housing so that water flowing from the inlet to the outlet enters the filter member in a radial direction and discharges interiorly in an axial direction, and vice-versa during a reversed, filter flushing flow of water from the outlet to the inlet, the device being characterised by--an enclosed, centrally located chamber defined by a wall distantly extending inside of and along the filter member;

  • a series of nozzles associated with the wall so that water under pressure in the chamber is discharged in jet forms;

    valve means responsive to the reversed flow, to direct the flushing water into the chamber;

    a fixed member at one side, and a displaceable member at the other side of the filter member;

    means for urging the displaceable member against the filter member to clamp same between the displaceable and the fixed members; and

    pressure responsive means operatively associated with the displaceable member urging means,the arrangement being such that upon reverse of flow and a water pressure built within the chamber, the displaceable member is moved away from the filter member loosening the clamping engagement thereof and the water jets are sprayed to rinse the filter member.

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