Character pattern recognition and communications apparatus

  • US 4,674,112 A
  • Filed: 09/06/1985
  • Issued: 06/16/1987
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/06/1985
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1. A communications apparatus comprising:

  • receiving means operably connectable to a telephone or the like for receiving a series of transmitted tones corresponding to an input word and for decoding the tones into a series of codes, each tone being representative of a letter of the word, which letter is one of two or more alphabetic characters corresponding to the tone;

    controller means coupled to said receiving means for processing said series of codes and outputting a signal indicative of a particular word which corresponds to said series of codes, said controller means including, recognition means for matching said series of codes with a programmed code sequence indicative of said particular word,said recognition means including a stored vocabulary comprising a plurality of syllabic elements, each being representative of one or more alphabetic characters, said recognition means being operable for matching said series of codes with one or more syllabic elements and outputting a signal indicative of a particular word represented by said one or more syllabic elements; and

    indicating means for receiving said signal and communicating the signal in a form perceptible to the user.

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