Method and apparatus for optical system adjustments

  • US 4,693,569 A
  • Filed: 10/05/1981
  • Issued: 09/15/1987
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/21/1979
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1. An annular field optical system having a broad spectral range and including at least one pair of refractive elements, said optical system comprising:

  • a first half and a second half, each half including an optical system having an optical axis and defining conjugate image and object planes substantially normal to said axis, the first half and second half being coaxially disposed in back-to-back relationship so that the conjugate planes are superposed on at least one side of the optical system, and means for providing spaced object and final image locations on the other side of the optical system, said optical system being constructed and arranged so that the Petzval sum is substantially zero, said pair of refractive elements being disposed in optical symmetry about an image plane or conjugate image planes and mounted for translational displacement along and/or rotational displacement about one or more of three orthogonal axes, said orthogonal axes consisting of said optical axis and axes parallel or orthogonal thereto, said pair of refractive elements being identical, nearly concentric menisci, the convex radii of which are longer than the concave and axial thickness of which is greater than the difference between the convex and concave radii and so shaped that their contributions to longitudinal aberrations are small while their contributions to lateral aberrations are either zero or equal and of opposite sense, the displacement being such in character, direction and extent as to enable correction of the system for deviations from theoretical design performance resulting from manufacturing errors in the optical components of the system and in their assembly and/or alignment.

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