Liquid transfusing bottle

  • US 4,700,871 A
  • Filed: 10/21/1985
  • Issued: 10/20/1987
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/30/1984
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. In a liquid transfusing bottle made of flexible material including a barrel portion, and a shoulder portion at a top of said barrel portion and a bottom portion at a lower end of said barrel portion, said barrel portion having a flattened configuration having a front barrel portion and a rear barrel portion which are located opposite to one another in a direction of a shorter diameter with respect to a cross-sectional plane of the bottle, and side walls which are located opposite to one another in a direction of a longer diameter with respect to said cross-sectional plane and comprise sides of said front barrel portion and said rear barrel portion, said barrel portion being deformable and having a substantially symmetrical structure relative to an imaginary plane in which an imaginary parting line respectively extends along a middle part of both of the side walls in a longitudinal direction thereof, and deformation guiding parts formed relative to the side walls at a predetermined area with respect to the longitudinal direction of the bottle, the improvement whereineach of said side walls defines a substantially flat side extending from the shoulder portion to the bottom portion, and said side walls are parallel to each other,said front and rear barrel portions ending at said flat sides, said deformation guiding parts being cross-shaped, extending from adjacent said shoulder portion and said bottom portion partly in said front and rear barrel portions, crossing into the flat sides,said deformation guiding parts each defining an edge such that a distance from said parting line at a corresponding side wall to the edge of a corresponding deformation guiding part decreases continuously approaching substantially a center of the corresponding side wall from substantially adjacent the shoulder portion and from substantially adjacent the bottom portion in the longitudinal direction of the bottle and in symmetrical relation relative to said parting line.

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