Apparatus and method used in making wire and similar elongate members and wire made using same

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  • Filed: 04/23/1987
  • Issued: 10/18/1988
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1. In a method of manufacturing wire and similar elongate members comprising the steps of;

  • providing a cylindrical can which has a closed end, an open end, and a central longitudinal axis;

    disposing a plurality of rods into said can through its open end in parallel relation with each other and parallel to said longitudinal axis;

    introducing separable filler means into said can to fill the spaces between said rods and between said rods and the interior surface of said can;

    attaching a cap to said open end of said can to thus complete a filled billet;

    heating said filled billet to a temperature approximately equal to the forging temperature of said rods;

    extruding said filled billet through an extrusion die to effect an area reduction in the cross section thereof and of said rods therewithin;

    cooling the extruded filled billet; and

    removing the extruded can from around the extruded rods;

    the improvement comprising the further steps of, placino said rods in adjoining side-by-side relation to define a geometric pattern, fixing together at their ends those rods defining the periphery of said pattern to define a dense pack of said rods, said placing and fixing steps being achieved prior to said disposing step, said dense pack and hence said rods being adapted to fit snugly within said can during said disposing step, and said fixing step assuring that during said extruding step said rods are reduced in cross-sectional area in a better controlled manner.

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