System for applying heat shrink film to containers and other articles and heat shrinking the same

  • US 4,844,957 A
  • Filed: 08/26/1987
  • Issued: 07/04/1989
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/27/1982
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An article to which a heat shrinkable film has been applied,said article having a top extremity, a bottom extremity, a longitudinal axis between such extremities and a body portion between such extremities which has an outer surface which is parallel to such axis, said article also having at least one end portion between such body portion and an extremity of the article, such portion or portions sloping inwardly from the body portion towards the longitudinal axis,said film being in the form of a segment of heat shrinkable but unshrunken material, said segment having a body portion constituting the major portion of the segment and having a leading end, a trailing end, an upper edge portion and a lower edge portion, said edge portions extending between the leading and trailing ends of the segment but not extending beyond the extremities of the article, said segment being wrapped around the article with its leading end secured to the body portion of the article by adhesive material confined to a narrow region of the film adjacent the leading end and with its trailing end overlapping and secured to the leading end by a narrow region of adhesive material,at least one edge portion of the segment overlapping an end portion of the article but being unattached thereto,said segment being in unshrunken condition and being secured to the article entirely or substantially entirely by the adhesive material at its leading and trailing ends.

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