Cable closure end cap

  • US 4,857,672 A
  • Filed: 05/12/1988
  • Issued: 08/15/1989
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/11/1987
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An end cap arrangement for sealing an end of a splice closure about at least one cable member directed therein;

  • said end cap arrangement comprising;

    (a) a wall member having first and second opposite faces and having an outer peripheral edge and at least one longitudinal cable bore;

    the at least one cable bore being defined by a plurality of substantially concentric ring members spaced from one another by transverse wall sections;

    (i) said transverse wall sections being positioned generally centrally along a longitudinal extension of said ring members and the at least one cable bore to define, with said ring members, a ridge/trough arrangement of alternating ridges and troughs;

    ridges defined thereby being directed in both of opposite longitudinal directions from said transverse wall sections;

    (ii) transverse wall sections on opposite sides of each associated ring member being longitudinally spaced from one another to form an undulating central wall extending through said concentric ring members and substantially normal thereto; and

    (b) mounting means constructed and arranged to facilitate mounting said end cap arrangement on a cable member directed through said at least one cable bore;

    said mounting means including a slot arrangement communicating partially through said wall member, from a position adjacent to, but spaced from, said wall member outer peripheral edge and toward said at least one cable bore;

    said slot arrangement also communicating partially through said wall member between said first and second opposite faces.

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