Separable quench ring and distribution channel for a gasification reactor

  • US 4,902,303 A
  • Filed: 11/10/1988
  • Issued: 02/20/1990
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/10/1988
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. In a gasification reactor (10) for combusting a carbonaceous fuel mixture to produce a hot effluent stream comprised primarily of a usable gas, said reactor including:

  • a reactor shell (11),a refractory lined combustion chamber (12) in said shell,a burner (14) extending through said shell into the combustion chamber and communicated to a means for supplying a pressurized carbonaceous fuel mixture, for discharging a flow of the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber, whereby to combust the mixture and form a said hot effluent stream,means in said shell forming a quench chamber (26) including a liquid bath (21) beneath said combustion chamber (12),means forming a constricted throat (27) in said shell interconnecting the combustion chamber (12) to said quench chamber (26) for conducting said hot effluent stream, from the combustion chamber to the quench chamber,a dip tube (29) positioned in said shell (11) defining an effluent guide passage, said dip tube having an inlet positioned adjacent to said constricted throat (27) for guiding said hot effluent stream from said combustion chamber into the liquid bath 21, of the quunch chamber, the improvement therein ofa multi-segment quench ring assembly (36) depending from said shell and positioned in alignment with said constricted throat to receive the hot effluent stream therefrom, including;

    a first toroidal ring segment (34) having an annular coolant passage (42) connected to a pressurized liquid supply means, and having an internal rim (33) defining a recessed receptacle, (41)a second ring segment removably registered in said recessed receptacle, (41) having an internal manifold channel (48) in fluid communication with said annular coolant passage (42) and having at least one means forming a discharge port (53) in liquid communication with said internal manifold channel (48) and directed onto said dip tube andfastening means (57) removably registering said second ring segment in the recessed receptacle (41) of said first toroidal ring segment.

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