Pallet container with an exchangeable inner container of a synthetic resin and an outer jacket of metal lattice bars

  • US 4,909,387 A
  • Filed: 01/12/1989
  • Issued: 03/20/1990
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/24/1988
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. Pallet container with a flat pallet, an exchangeable inner container of a synthetic resin with an upper filling port and a lower discharge means, as well as with an outer shell surrounding the inner container, with vertical and horizontal lattice bars of metal, the outer shell (3) comprising lattice bars (4, 5) fashioned as pipes, these bars being in close contact with the outer wall (14) of the synthetic resin inner container (2);

  • the vertical and horizontal lattice bars (4,

         5) being deformed, at points of intersection (15), for the formation of trough-like, double-walled indentations (16) extending in the longitudinal direction of the lattice bars, in such a way that two curved longitudinal rims (18,

         19) of a wall (17) of the indentations (16) of each lattice bar (4,

         5) extend between a tangential plane (20-20) and a secant plane (21-21) of the lattice bar (4,

         5), this latter plane being parallel to the former plane, and there being, at each of the points of intersection (15) between the longitudinal rims (18,

         19) of the indentations (16) of two rectangularly superimposed lattice bars (4,

         5), four contact points (22) located in one plane (21-21) with an accumulation of material corresponding in each case to four times a lattice bar wall thickness (23);

    the lattice bars (4,

         5) are joined by means of welding of the four contact points (22) at each point of intersection (15) in such a way that the bars (4,

         5) have common tangential planes (20-20, 25-25) on the inside and outside of the bars.

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