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  • US 5,002,953 A
  • Filed: 12/27/1989
  • Issued: 03/26/1991
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/04/1987
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1. A compound of formula (I):

  • ##STR92## or a tautomeric form thereof and/or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and/or a pharmaceutically acceptable solvate thereof, wherein;

    A1 represents a substituted or unsubstituted, single ring aromatic heterocyclyl group having 4 to 7 ring atoms and comprising up to 4 hetero atoms in each ring selected from oxygen, sulphur or nitrogen, the substituents for the heterocyclyl group being up to 4 substituents selected from the group consisting of;

    C1-12 -alkyl, C1-12 -alkoxy, aryl and halogen or any two substituents on adjcent carbon atoms, together with the carbon atoms to which they are attached, may form an aryl group, and wherein the carbon atoms of the aryl group represented by the said two substituents may themselves be substituted or unsubstituted;

    R1 represents a hydrogen atom, a C1-12 -alkyl group, a C1-6 alkylcarbonyl group, an aryl-C1-12 -alkyl group the aryl moiety being substituted or unsubstituted, or a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group;

    any aryl group being phenyl or naphthyl optionally substituted with up to five groups selected from halogen, C1-12 -alkyl, phenyl, C1-12 -alkoxy, halo-C1-12 -alkyl, hydroxy, amino, nitro, carboxy, C1-12 -alkylcarbonyloxy, or a C1-12 -alkylcarbonyl group;

    Rhu 2 and R3 each represent hydrogen, or R2 and R3 together represent a bond;

    A2 represents a benzene ring having three optional substituents which may be selected from halogen, substituted or unsubstituted alkyl or alkoxy;

    substituents for the alkyl group being selected from the groups consisting of halogen, C1-12 -alkyl, phenyl, C1-12 -alkoxy, halo-C1-12 -alkyl, hydroxy, amino, nitro, carboxy, C1-12 -alkoxycarbonyl, C1-12 -alkoxycarbonyl-C1-12 -alkyl, C1-12 -alkylcarbonyloxy, or C1-12 -alkylcarbonyl; and

    n represents an integer in the range of from 2 to 6.

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