High-amp circuit breaker and a bistable element therefor

  • US 5,021,761 A
  • Filed: 09/28/1989
  • Issued: 06/04/1991
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/28/1989
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A high amperage circuit breaker comprisinga pair of spaced terminals being placed in series with the circuit to be protected;

  • a heat resistant electrical insulating plastic housing defining a body cavity, said body cavity having a base, a front wall, a rear wall and two side walls,a cover to close said housing;

    a rectangular thermally activated bistable mechanical element mounted in said cavity, at least one dimple formed on said bistable element;

    a first contact being connected to one of said terminals, said first contact also connected to one end of said bistable element by means wherein the one end of said bistable element always remains stationary with respect to the first contact and in electrical contact with the first contact;

    a second electrical contact attached to the other end of said bistable element;

    said other end of said bistable element being free to move in a relatively vertical direction;

    a third contact electrically connected to said other terminal and being positioned relative to said second contact wherein said second and third contact are normally in electrical contact with each other when the bistable element is in a first position, and said first position being to close the circuit of the circuit breaker;

    said bistable element having a predetermined current response to quickly default when there is a predetermined over current, said deflection causing said other end of said bistable element to move from said first position to a second position and to cause said second contact to separate from said third contact by a predetermined distance to open the circuit of the circuit breaker, said circuit breaker being a manual-reset and further comprisinga plastic rotatable shaft having one end rotatably mounted in the said cavity base and the other end extending out of said housing for a predetermined distance,said shaft other end extending out of said cover for a predetermined distance;

    a pair of longitudinally spaced first and second integral bars extending from said rotatable shaft,said second bar extending a predetermined distance from said first bar and being sized to provide predetermined electrical insulation, said second bar being in contact with the outer surface of said second contact when the electrical circuit is closed;

    a spring attached to said first bar and said housing, said spring exerting a rotational force on said plastic shaft to urge the second bar in contact with and toward said second contact;

    wherein when said second and third contacts are separated said spring rotates to position said second bar between said second and third contacts and electrically separates said second and third contacts from each other.

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