Piston and bearing assemblies

  • US 5,072,654 A
  • Filed: 01/18/1990
  • Issued: 12/17/1991
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/18/1990
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A crosshead piston assembly comprising:

  • a cylindrical piston pin secured to an upwardly extending part cylindrical lower saddle section of a connecting rod, a skirt member having an outer wall with a pair of oppositely disposed cylindrical piston pin receiving openings through said wall, said piston pin extending from said lower saddle section into said wall openings and supporting said skirt for oscillating motion about said piston pin, a head member having a crown section connected with a peripherally depending ring belt section above said skirt member and having a piston pin connecting section internally depending from said crown section and extending within said skirt member, said piston pin connecting section including a pair of oppositely disposed downwardly extending ears defining oppositely disposed pin receiving cylindrical openings, said ears being interconnected by a downwardly opening part cylindrical upper saddle section extending between said ears, the improvement comprising a three-piece insert bearing for insertion in the ear openings and having a part cylindrical upper insert bearing extending from ear to ear, a part cylindrical lower insert bearing at each end of the upper insert bearing and each forming a cylinder with the upper insert bearing when assembled, a space between said cylinders to receive the upper end of said connecting rod, the outer surfaces of said insert bearings, the inner surfaces of said saddle sections, and said openings in said skirt and piston members all having a common axis and a common radius which is slightly larger than the radius of the piston pin to enable its insertion in the various openings and its bearing against them and said saddle sections, the interior of each cylinder formed by said insert bearings being defined by internal radii which are equal to the radius of said piston pin and offset in up and down direction from said axis to permit assembly of the piston pin and allow it to move slightly in up and down direction relative to the piston head member, said interior of said insert bearings being further defined by a space on each side of said piston pin in order to permit assembly, means for interconnecting said insert bearings to said head member to prevent relative rotation therebetween, means for preventing sideways movement of said insert bearings, and means for supplying oil under pressure between said piston pin and the interiors of said insert bearings during operation of the engine.

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