Methods and apparatus for burning fuel with low NO.sub.x formation

  • US 5,098,282 A
  • Filed: 09/07/1990
  • Issued: 03/24/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/07/1990
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. An improved burner apparatus for discharging a mixture of fuel and air into a furnace space wherein said mixture is burned and flue gases having low NOx content are formed therefrom comprising:

  • a housing having an open end attached to said furnace space;

    means for introducing a controlled quantity of air into said housing and into said furnace space attached to said housing;

    primary mixer-nozzle means for mixing fuel with flue gases from said furnace space and discharging the resulting mixture into said furnace space disposed within said housing, said primary mixer-nozzle means including a pressurized fuel inlet for connection to a source of pressurized fuel and at least one flue gases inlet connection;

    flue gases conduit means connected at one end to said flue gases inlet connection of said primary mixer-nozzle means, the other end extending into said furnace space whereby flue gases from within said furnace space are drawn into said conduit and conducted to said primary mixer-nozzle means thereby; and

    at least one secondary fuel nozzle means attached to said housing having a pressurized fuel inlet for connection to a source of pressurized fuel for introducing additional fuel into said furnace space which mixes with flue gases and air therein, said secondary fuel nozzle means being positioned adjacent to said primary mixer-nozzle means.

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