Post-operative shoes for use after forefoot surgery

  • US 5,138,777 A
  • Filed: 11/13/1990
  • Issued: 08/18/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/13/1990
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1. In a post-operative shoe for use in elevating and supporting a post-operative or otherwise traumatized patient'"'"'s foot comprising:

  • an upper assembly secured to a sole assembly,said upper assembly adapted to surround the heel, sides and dorsal portions of the foot,said upper assembly having an open toe region,a heel region extending upwardly from the sole assembly,a forward portion divided into left and right flaps adapted to cover the dorsal region of the foot, andstrap means interconnecting outer face portions of said left and right flaps,said sole assembly comprising an inner sole conforming generally to the plantar aspect of the foot, and a mid-sole of an impact-absorbing material having flat top and bottom surfaces and having a thickness which varies over the length of the shoe with its greatest thickness at the heel and tapering in the direction of the open toe region, the improvement comprising;

    a wedge undersole of triangular shape configuration, as viewed from a side thereof, having at least a flat bottom surface and being integrated to said mid-sole at the bottom thereof and in proximity to the heel of the shoe and being of a thickness such that the top surface of the mid-sole extends obliquely upwardly in the direction of the open toe region of the shoe, and wherein the wedge undersole terminates at an end remote from the shoe heel proximate to the metatarsal heads of the foot thereby transmitting pressure to the metatarsals just rearwardly of the M-P joint after forefoot surgery such as hammertoe procedures, mid-tarsal amputation, hallux valgus procedures, where lesions of any type are present on the forefoot or toes, and where ischemic changes including gangrene are present and involve the toes or forefoot;

    such that the weight and pressure of weight bearing on the forefoot is fully relieved while the portion of the mid-sole from the termination of the wedge undersole proximate to said metatarsal heads acts to fully support the forefoot at said upwardly oblique angle and to protect the forefoot from direct impact at both sides and at the front thereof.

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