Miniature flashlight

  • US 5,143,441 A
  • Filed: 12/18/1991
  • Issued: 09/01/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/06/1984
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A flashlight powered by at least one battery, comprisinga barrel for retaining the at least one battery, said barrel having first and second ends;

  • a lamp bulb having two contacts and a filament;

    a socket for holding said lamp bulb, said socket being retained at least partially within said barrel adjacent said first end thereof and being adapted to locate said bulb filament axially beyond said first end;

    a substantially parabolic reflector having a central opening therein adapted to receive said lamp bulb;

    a substantially planar lens;

    a head assembly for retaining said reflector and said lens in a mutually fixed relationship and being rotatably disposed at said first end to be controllably axially translatable along said barrel such that the relative positional relationship between said reflector and said lamp bulb may be varied, thereby varying a reflection dispersion of a light beam emanating through said lens from said lamp bulb;

    a tail cap being engageable with said barrel at said second end;

    an electrical circuit for coupling said two contacts of said lamp bulb with first and second electrodes of at least one battery positioned in said barrel, said electrical circuit not including conduction through said head assembly wherein relative motion of said head assembly in the axial direction away from said barrel separates said head assembly from said barrel to expose said lamp bulb and allow for a dispersion of substantially spherical illumination with said head assembly removed from said first end of said barrel;

    a rotary switch in said electrical circuit, said rotary switch selectively opening and closing said electrical circuit with the at least one battery retained within said barrel, said switch including one of said first and second ends of said barrel as a first switch contact.

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