Hanger for displaying eyeglasses

  • US 5,144,345 A
  • Filed: 10/31/1990
  • Issued: 09/01/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/19/1988
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1. The combination of an eyeglass display member and an eyeglass hanger member comprising:

  • an eyeglass display member having an exterior surface;

    cantilever support means for supporting an eyeglass hanger member, said cantilever support means extending outwardly in a first direction from said eyeglass display member exterior surface;

    an eyeglass hanger member for mounting a pair of eyeglasses, said pair of eyeglasses including first and second lenses and a frame, said frame including temples and means for mounting said first and second lenses in a side-by-side relationship with a gap therebetween, said frame further including a bridge portion extending across said gap, said temples being pivotable with respect to said lenses within said frame and selectively movable between a folded, closed position when the eyeglasses are hung from the eyeglass display member and unfolded, open position in which the temples are substantially perpendicular to said lenses to enable the eyeglasses to be tried on by a potential user;

    said eyeglass hanger member made from flat sheet material and having an upper edge, a lower edge and a width dimension, the width dimension of said hanger member being greater than the width of the bridge;

    means for securing a portion of said frame of said pair of eyeglasses to said hanger member to enable the temples of the frame to be selectively displaced between said closed position and said open position, said means for securing locating at least a portion of said eyeglasses at a position below said hanger member;

    opening means formed in said hanger member below the upper edge thereof, said opening means for receiving the cantilever support means and securing a horizontal orientation for the eyeglasses when said hanger member is mounted on said cantilever support means, said opening means configured so that while receiving said cantilever support means, said hanger member can be slidably movable thereon; and

    said cantilever support means extending through a hanger member opening means in a manner to position the eyeglasses associated therewith with the temples in a substantially horizontal position so that when the temples of said eyeglasses are in a folded, closed position said temples do not penetrate the display member exterior surface and are substantially parallel to the folded temples of any other pair of eyeglasses whose hanger member is supported by said cantilever support means allowing a plurality of said eyeglasses hanger members to be supported thereon.

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