Power transmission multi-groove sheave and method of manufacturing the same

  • US 5,147,249 A
  • Filed: 08/26/1991
  • Issued: 09/15/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/26/1991
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1. An improved multi-groove sheave assembly having at least two side-by-side sheave grooves with centers of groove bottom widths spaced apart a preselected distance, said multi-groove sheave being adaptable to any one of a plurality of commercially available preselected multi-groove sheaves with a like number of grooves and to any one of select, specific V-belt sets, each belt set being specifically associated with at least one of said commercially available preselected multi-groove sheaves including the multi-groove sheaves commonly used and commercially available multi-groove sheaves designated as types "A", "B", "5V", "A/B Combination" and "SPB" with each of said commercially available and designated multi-groove sheaves having a set of similar grooves with the grooves of the sets having differing angles of groove wall slope, differing groove top and differing groove bottom widths and differing groove depths measure normally between top and bottom groove widths comprising:

  • a multi-groove sheave having a set of at least two side-by-side adjacent grooves, each of said side-by-side adjacent grooves of said set having dimensions including a side wall angle of slope range from the top of said groove wall to the bottom of said groove wall of 34°

    to 42°

    , a top groove width range measuring from 0.619 inches to 0.656 inches, a bottom groove width range of 0.139 to 0.231 inches with centers of adjoining groove bottom widths being spaced apart from 0.600 to 0.755 inches and a minimum groove depth measured normally from top to bottom groove widths from 0.645 inches.

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