Powder coating system with configurable controller and dew point detection

  • US 5,167,714 A
  • Filed: 09/29/1989
  • Issued: 12/01/1992
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/29/1989
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A powder coating apparatus having air therein for fluidizing powder and comprising:

  • a powder coating device operable to dispense air fluidized powder coating material made up of air and air borne powder coating material;

    an air fluidized powder feeding device connected to said coating device, operable to receive powder coating material and to feed air fluidized powder coating material to said coating device;

    a plurality of air flow control devices each connected to at least one of said devices and operable to deliver a flow of air thereto;

    a controller including a programmable microprocessor, a storage medium, data entry means for receiving input data from an operator, display means for communicating output information to an operator, a plurality of control signal input ports, a plurality of control signal output ports, and means interconnecting said microprocessor, storage medium, data entry means, display means, and ports for communicating data and other information therebetween;

    a plurality of electrical sensors connected to different ones of said devices and each connected to one of said input ports and operable to monitor a parameter of the apparatus and communicating information relating to the monitored parameter to said controller;

    a plurality of electrically responsive elements each connected to one of said devices and to a one of said output ports, and each operable to control a function of the apparatus in response to a control signal from said controller;

    said controller including program means for receiving from an operator through said data entry means and storing in said storage medium configuration data corresponding to a plurality of different combinations of devices of which the apparatus is comprised;

    said program means including means for generating and communicating to said output ports control signals in one of a plurality of different programmed combinations, each combination of signals being automatically selected in accordance with the different stored configuration data; and

    monitoring means for signaling the relation of the humidity of the air in the air fluidized powder mixture to a condition at which condensation of the humidity will occur, including;

    means included in at least one of said sensors for measuring the humidity of air in said apparatus;

    comparing means included in said program means for comparing information related to the humidity of said air with criteria related to a dew point temperature of air in said apparatus; and

    generating means for generating an output signal responsive to the information related to the comparison.

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