Charging circuits for rechargeable batteries and cells

  • US 5,204,611 A
  • Filed: 05/02/1991
  • Issued: 04/20/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/13/1991
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1. A circuit for charging rechargeable batteries and cells, comprising:

  • a source of electrical charging energy;

    an output to which said electrical charging energy is delivered and across which a rechargeable battery or cell may be connected;

    power controller means in series with said source, and arranged so that the rate of energy being delivered to a rechargeable battery or cell may be regulated as to its amount under the control of at least one sensing circuit and a control circuit;

    a first sensing circuit means for detecting terminal voltage of said rechargeable battery or cell;

    comparator means for comparing the detected terminal voltage with a reference voltage and for providing an output signal when a difference between said voltage exists;

    means for providing a pulsed timing signal;

    latching means having a control input and a signal input, said latching means being arranged to be controlled by said pulsed timing signal at its control input, and having the output of said comparator connected to its signal input;

    the output of said latching means being connected to control means for controlling the amount of energy being delivered by said power controller in accordance with a predetermined relationship of said detected terminal voltage and said reference voltage as indicated by the presence or absence of an output signal from said latching means and as determined during a period of time when the flow of electrical charging current to said rechargeable battery or cell has been interrupted;

    whereby the operation of said control means may be affected so as to control the operation of said power controller, and so as to thereby control the rate of the amount of charging energy being delivered to said output and thereby the value of the charging current;

    said recharging circuit further comprising means to determine the value of the charging current being fed to said rechargeable battery or cell at any instant in time, and a network having an amplifier whose output is connected in a circuit whereby said reference voltage is algebraically affected by the output of said amplifier;

    said amplifier being such as to have its output swing from its highest value to its lowest value when said charging current is within a predetermined range; and

    means whereby said reference voltage may be altered at any instant in time, so as to thereby affect the output of said comparator means, wherein said reference voltage is altered as a consequence of the status of the rechargeable battery or cell connected across said output at the said any instant in time.

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