Three-dimensional displacement of a body with computer interface

  • US 5,214,615 A
  • Filed: 09/24/1991
  • Issued: 05/25/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/26/1990
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A control system for operation in real time of a variably operated system in response to movement of at least one moving object in a three-dimensional region, comprising:

  • at least three ultrasound emitters located respectively at inertial reference points for triangulation determination of three-dimensional positions of said at least one object;

    a pulse generator to provide ultrasound pulses to the ultrasound emitters;

    a plurality of spaced apart receiving stations for each object, each receiving station comprising an ultrasound receiver and a pulse detector associated therewith to detect pulses received by the ultrasound receiver, each receiving station being associated with said object to move in a three-dimensional space with the object;

    an encoder associated with the receiving stations microprocessor controller to encode pulse arrival times into a form suitable for radio transmission;

    a radio transmitter for encoded signals corresponding to the pulse arrival times;

    a radio receiver remote from said at least one object and from the radio transmitter to receive encoded signals from the radio transmitter;

    a decoder to decode signals from the radio receiver;

    a receiver tracking and object tracking microprocessor controller to receive decoded signals from the decoder and, on the one hand, to measure the time of pulse arrival to control the generation and timing of signals from the pulse generator, and to calculate from the elapsed time between the emission of a signal to the pulse generator and a detected pulse corresponding thereto from a respective receiving station, radial positional data for the respective receiver for each pulse therefrom, and to generate radial position-indicating signals therefrom;

    and, on the other hand, for computing a three-dimensional position of at least one object in terms of the radial positional data for said at least one object, velocity and acceleration of the object and generating commands for the pulse generator for the ultrasound emitters, and interfacing with a computer for generating commands in response to the computed three-dimensional positions of the object and from the radial positional data for each ultrasound receiving station of said at least one object to control variations of said variably operated system.

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