Well service pumping assembly

  • US 5,246,355 A
  • Filed: 07/10/1992
  • Issued: 09/21/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/10/1992
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1. A pair of pumps mounted as an assembly, each pump comprising in combination:

  • a housing having a cylinder which has a cylinder axis, the housing having an inboard side and an outboard side;

    a plunger having a crosshead reciprocally carried in the cylinder for movement between a suction stroke and an exhaust stroke;

    manifold means mounted to the outboard side of the housing adjacent the cylinder for supplying and delivering liquid acted on by the plunger;

    a crankshaft mounted rotatably in the housing and having a crankshaft axis that is perpendicular to the cylinder axis;

    a connecting rod having a crankshaft end connected to the crankshaft and a crosshead end connected to the crosshead of the plunger for reciprocating the plunger in response to rotation of the crankshaft, the crankshaft end having a centerline, the crosshead end being connected to the crosshead of the plunger on the cylinder axis;

    the pumps being mounted with their inboard sides adjacent each other;

    means for rotating the crankshaft of each of the pumps in the same direction; and

    the crankshaft axis of each pump being vertically offset from the cylinder axis such that in one of the pumps, the crankshaft axis is spaced above the cylinder axis and in the other of the pumps, the crankshaft axis is spaced below the cylinder axis, and wherein in each of the pumps, the crankshaft end of the connecting road is vertically closer to the cylinder axis than the crankshaft axis during the exhaust stroke.

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