Apparatus for propelling one or two clay targets

  • US 5,249,563 A
  • Filed: 08/05/1991
  • Issued: 10/05/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/05/1991
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1. In an improved clay target throwing machine having a means for holding and for delivering a first clay target to a position for subsequent setting, means for setting said first target into a position for launching, means for launching by a single cocked fling-arm said first target into a target area, means for selecting constant and random first trajectories of said launched first target into said target area and means for switchably providing power, upon occurrence of a signal, to said means for holding and delivering of said first target and cocking said fling-arm said improvement comprising:

  • means for selectively delivering, by lowering, two targets substantially simultaneously, said first target to a first target set position and a second target to a second target set position; and

    means for substantially simultaneously setting, by said single fling arm moving into said cocked position, said first and said second, when said two target delivery is selected, targets into a first and second launch position and holding each said first and said second targets in said first and second launch position prior to launching of both said targets, said both launch positions being defined such that said single fling-arm contacts substantially congruent tangents of each said targets and both said targets in contact at a common tangent of each said target edge, said congruent and common tangents being substantially orthogonal each to the other, said both launch positions thus relative to each other so as to reduce target breakage and relative to said fling-arm for proper launching of said first target into said first target trajectory and simultaneously launching said second target into a second target trajectory.

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