Process for the preparation of L-.alpha.-glycerylphosphoryl-choline and of L-.alpha.-glycerylphosphorylethanolamine

  • US 5,250,719 A
  • Filed: 11/08/1991
  • Issued: 10/05/1993
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/08/1989
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1. A process for the purification of glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC) and glycerylphosphorylethanolamine (GPE) from a crude alcoholic mixture thereof obtained by deacylating crude or deoleated soy or egg lecithin or alcoholic extracts thereof comprising:

  • a) charging said mixture on a resin in acid form having carboxylic acid or sulfonic anchor groups, the resulting supported mixture having the formula
    space="preserve" listing-type="equation">(nGPC)+mGPE)+pResin whereinn represents mmoles of GPC and has a value of 0-1;

    m represents mmoles of GPE and has a value of 0-1;

    and p represents mequivalents of resin and has a value of 3-6 a for strong cationic resin and 6-8 for a weak cationic resin;

    b) washing said supported mixture with methanol, ethanol or a hydrated mixture thereof;

    c) eluting said washed supported mixture with water to obtain an aqueous solution of nGPC+mGPE; and

    d) eluting said aqueous solution of nGPC+mGPE with a strong basic resin in OH form to separate purified GPE from purified GPC.

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