Shelf service apparatus in the form of a gantry crane, for a material store for rod-shaped material

  • US 5,281,070 A
  • Filed: 02/25/1992
  • Issued: 01/25/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/25/1991
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. Shelf servicing apparatus having a movable gantry crane (8, 9) for servicing a material store for rod material located, optionally, in pallet boxes or magazines (5) or directly on a material support beam (16),wherein the material store hasa plurality of stacking frames (2), each defining a storage space direction, at least two of said stacking frames being laterally spaced and separated from one another, the space between said stacking frames defining a lane (1) for material transport,each of said stacking frames includingvertical shelving supports (2, 3) and a plurality of carriers arms (4) secured on at least two of said shelving supports (2, 3), located one above another, andprojecting into the lane and secured on said vertical shelving supports, at least two vertically arranged carrier arms defining a shelving unit or compartment for supporting said rod-like material or, optionally, said pallet boxes or magazines (5) on at least two of said arms (4);

  • said gantry crane (8,

         9) bridging over the material store, and being movable in the storage space direction,said gantry crane includingvertical crane supports (8);

    carriage means (17) movably retained on said crane supports (8) for movement up or down on said crane supports;

    carrier brackets (14) secured to said carriage means, said carrier brackets extending horizontally into a vicinity of the material store for moving said material, or said pallet boxes, selectively, up and down upon movement of said carriage means,and wherein the improvement comprises thatsaid carrier brackets (14) are essentially of T-shaped form, to define a T-shaped carrier bracket (31) having a transverse bar and a longitudinal portion (32),wherein the transverse bar of the T bracket defines a load carrying cross-piece, forming a carrier beam adapted for engagement with end portions of the pallet boxes or magazines, and optionally with said material support beam;

    a pivot means (26) pivotably mounting the longitudinal portion (32) of the T bracket on said carrier means (17) for selective pivotable movement of said T-bracket portion into and out of the space occupied by said shelving units and thus, when moved out of the space occupied by a respective shelving unit, permit movement of the carriage means (17), selectively, without engagement with the pallet box or magazine or the material support beam; and

    operating means (36) operatively coupled to the longitudinal portion (32) of the T bracket for said pivotable movement thereof.

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