Method of irradiating biological specimens

  • US 5,288,647 A
  • Filed: 04/17/1991
  • Issued: 02/22/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/02/1988
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1. A method of irradiating a polynucleotide specimen on a substrate, the method comprising:

  • providing an apparatus having;

    (a) a chamber having a repository for the substrate;

    (b) an ultraviolet lamp fixture disposed within the chamber, which fixture carries an ultraviolet lamp to illuminate the repository;

    (c) an energy detector which can provide an indication of the total ultraviolet dose received on the repository, the energy detector having;

    (i) a sensor disposed in a fixed location in the chamber, which provides a signal corresponding to the ultraviolet flux on the repository;

    (ii) a detector circuit connected to the sensor, so as to provide an indication of the total ultraviolet dose received on the repository based on the signal received from the sensor over time;

    (d) a control circuit connected to the detector circuit and the lamp fixture, which control circuit can de-energize the lamp fixture upon detection of a selected or predetermined total ultraviolet dose by the energy detector;

    the method further comprising placing the substrate carrying the polynucleotide into the chamber, then energizing the lamp fixture so that the polynucleotide specimen will be irradiated with ultraviolet radiation from the lamp until the control circuit de-energizes the lamp upon detection of the selected or predetermined total ultraviolet dose.

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