Mouse and method for concurrent cursor position and scrolling control

  • US 5,313,229 A
  • Filed: 02/05/1993
  • Issued: 05/17/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/05/1993
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. Mouse for interactive operation of a computer, said computer having display means for displaying information to an operator of said computer, said mouse comprisinga first transducer means for generating x-y position signals for controlling movement of a cursor on said display means in response to movement of said first transducer means by a hand of an operator, andsupplementary control means including a second transducer means for generating supplementary control signals for controlling scrolling operations for moving information entitles displayed on said display means, said second transducer means including a displaceable body and spring means connected to said displaceable body to spring-load said displaceable body so that said body is urged into an initial equilibrium position by said spring means but is displaceable from said equilibrium position in either of two directions by a digit of said hand of said user, said second transducer means being structured so that said supplementary control signals vary with a displacement amount and displacement direction of said body from said equilibrium position so that a rate of moving said information entities on said display means can be varied with said displacement amount and a direction of moving said information entities can be selected according to said displacement direction.

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