Low profile scrubber

  • US 5,319,828 A
  • Filed: 11/04/1992
  • Issued: 06/14/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/04/1992
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1. A low profile floor scrubber that carries a supply of cleaning solution applies it to a floor being scrubbed, agitates it on the floor with a powered brush, then picks up the soiled solution with a vacuum squeegee and stores it on board, said low profile floor scrubber comprising in combination a housing, a removable cover over at least part of the housing, wheels rotatably attached to said housing for supporting and moving the floor scrubber, a handle attached to the housing, a rotatable scrub brush for scrubbing a floor, said scrub brush and a scrub head being attached to said housing, said scrub head covering said brush and having at least one pickup squeegee attached to it and in contact with a floor being scrubbed, a brush drive motor within the housing and drive means connected to said motor for rotating said scrub brush, a tank within said housing for holding cleaning solution to be applied to a floor being scrubbed and for receiving and holding soiled solution recovered from the floor, said tank being removable when said cover is removed for emptying the solution therein, said tank being relatively shallow with respect to its length and width, a plurality of baffles located to be at least partially immersed in cleaning solution in the tank, a plenum chamber above said tank, a sloping diffuser plate within said plenum chamber, a suction blower and a motor to drive it located within the housing, first passage means connecting the plenum chamber to the inlet of the suction blower, second passage means connecting said at least one pickup squeegee to the plenum chamber, said second passage means having an opening into the plenum chamber such that flow from the opening into the plenum chamber impinges at an angle upon the upper surface of the diffuser plate to create a laminar flow thereon, said diffuser plate sloping downward toward said opening, a pump with drive motor and connected tubing within the housing to pump cleaning solution from the tank to a distribution means attached to the scrub head, said distribution means delivering solution to the floor being scrubbed, said scrub head, brush drive motor, solution/recovery tank, suction blower and solution pump with motor all being disposed generally horizontally relative to one another.

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