Convenience-feature end closure for container body with non-cylindrical sidewall

  • US 5,328,313 A
  • Filed: 11/13/1992
  • Issued: 07/12/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/08/1990
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1. Method for fabricating a convenience-feature, non-circular sheet metal end closure structure so as to provide an opening for a non-cylindrical container enabling substantially unobstructed removal of solid-pack container contents, comprisingproviding a substantially-planar, unitary, flat-rolled sheet metal blank,said sheet metal blank having a preselected cut edge periphery to enable forming an end closure structure of desired non-circular configuration in plan view,said non-circular end closure structure configuration being selected from the group consisting of square, rectangular, oblong, elliptical and pear-shaped so as to have a major dimensional axis centrally located in plan view dividing the end closure into mirror-image halves on opposite sides of said axis,said non-circular end closure structure configuration corresponding to the non-cylindrical container body configuration for use with said end closure,said non-cylindrical container body having a centrally located vertical axis with container side walls symmetrically disposed with relation to said centrally located vertical axis as viewed in a plane perpendicularly transverse to said vertical axis;

  • orienting said blank for feed into a conversion and forming press to enable preselected location of means for forming a rivet symmetrically along said major dimension axis for securing an elongated, longitudinally-rigid, convenience-feature opener to said endwall structure with the central longitudinal axis of said opener coincident with said major dimensional axis of said non-circular configuration end closure structure;

    forming chime seam metal about the periphery of said sheet metal blank for securing said end closure structure to said non-cylindrical container body side wall so as to determine an exterior public side and an interior product side for said end closure structure, whilecountersinking an endwall panel in said blank,said endwall panel, as countersunk, being disposed axially inwardly toward the interior product side of said end closure with relation to said chime seam metal, providingan axially oriented chuck wall extending between said chime seam metal and said countersunk endwall panel;

    orienting endwall panel sheet metal where contiguous to said chuck wall to be in substantially right angled relationship with said chuck wall when viewed in cross section in a plane which includes the centrally located vertical axis for the non-cylindrical container body to which said end closure structure is to be secured;

    scoring said countersunk endwall panel contiguous at a portion to said chuck wall about its entire perimeter to provide a peripheral scoreline of decreased sheet metal thickness in said countersunk panel endwall which defines a full-panel unobstructed opening for solid-pack removal of container contents;

    providing said elongated longitudinally-rigid opener with longitudinal axis,said opener having a working end and a handle end at its longitudinally opposite ends;

    securing said opener to said countersunk endwall panel by forming a rivet in said countersunk endwall panel which secures said opener to said panel with said longitudinal axis of the opener coincident with said major dimensional axis of said end closure structure, withsaid working end of said opener being located, contiguous to the location where said major dimensional axis of said end closure structure intersects said chuck wall, so as to enable a chuck wall support tooling to provide backing support contiguous to said chuck wall about said entire perimeter for purposes of forming a chime seam between said end closure structure and said container body sidewall, while providing a recess in said tooling contiguous to said major dimension axis location for receiving said working end of the opener during formation of said chime seam.

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