Drill pipe handling

  • US 5,351,767 A
  • Filed: 12/21/1992
  • Issued: 10/04/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/07/1991
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A method for making up, in a well drilling rig having a platform beneath a derrick in which a hoist is movable along a vertical path above a well bore, a drill pipe stand comprised of plural individual lengths of drill pipe having cooperating pin and box threaded coupling moieties at their opposite ends, comprising the steps of:

  • a) engaging a first pipe length adjacent the box end thereof in a yieldably supported drivable pipe rotating device in vertically supported torque-transmitting relation to the device for rotation about a substantially vertical axis passing through a hole in the platform adjacent the well bore with the first pipe length below the device in essential alignment with said axis,b) lowering the pin end of a vertically disposed second pipe length along the axis into essentially aligned engagement with the box end of the first pipe length,c) holding the second pipe length from rotation about the axis while yieldably supporting the second length for limited movement along the axis,d) driving the device to rotate the first pipe length about the .axis in a direction causing the pin and box ends of the first and second pipe lengths to thread together to form a drill pipe stand, ande) releasing the stand from movement constraints associated with tire driving step,wherein the yieldably supporting operations afford limited longitudinal, lateral and angular play of the pin and box ends of the two pipe lengths relative to each other before and during performance of the driving step.

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