Down hole jet pump

  • US 5,372,190 A
  • Filed: 06/08/1993
  • Issued: 12/13/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/08/1993
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. In a jet pump for use in a well extending into a fluid producing formation, said jet pump including a housing having an inlet at a lower end thereof, a standing valve assembly associated with the inlet and a nozzle, venturi and diffuser for receiving power fluid and port means communicated with the inlet through the standing valve for pumping production fluid and mixing it with the power fluid, the improvement comprising a discharge tube forming an extension of the diffuser and communicating with a discharge port in the pump housing, said discharge tube including a laterally extending portion communicating with the discharge port to provide flow through the crossover area of the pump where the discharge from the pump and the inlet to the pump through the standing valve are longitudinally inter-related, said inlet and standing valve and jet pump being offset in relation to the center line of a well casing to provide maximum discharge area for the pump with minimum restriction, said pump including a discharge housing enclosing the pump and including a bottom plug having the pump inlet incorporated therein with the discharge housing defining an annulus for upward flow of mixed production fluid and power fluid with the pump being offset in relation to the discharge housing to provide maximum flow capacity.

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