Mouse and method for concurrent cursor position and scrolling control

  • US 5,374,942 A
  • Filed: 08/12/1993
  • Issued: 12/20/1994
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/05/1993
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. Mouse for interactive operation of a computer, said computer having display means for displaying information entities to an operator of said computer, said mouse comprising:

  • a first transducer means for generating x-y position signals for controlling movement of a cursor on said display means to point to said information entities in response to movement of said first transducer means by a hand of an operator, andsupplementary control means including a second transducer means for generating supplementary control signals for controlling scrolling operations for moving said information entities displayed on said display means, said second transducer means including a displaceable body and a spring-loaded mechanism connected to said displaceable body, so that said displaceable body is urged into an initial equilibrium position by said spring-loaded mechanism but is displaceable from said equilibrium position in either of two directions by a digit of said hand of said user against a reluctance provided by said spring-loaded mechanism,said spring-loaded mechanism structured so that said reluctance varies between a first reluctance level and a second reluctance level at a displacement threshold of said displaceable body, so as to provide to said operator in said digit of said hand a tactile feedback about position of said displaceable body relative to said displacement threshold,said second transducer means being structured so that said supplementary control signals convey information about a displacement amount and a displacement direction of said body from said equilibrium position, so that said information entities on said display means can be moved at a variable rate determined by said displacement amount and in a direction according to said displacement direction.

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