Apparatus for dispensing fluent material into containers

  • US 5,417,261 A
  • Filed: 11/22/1993
  • Issued: 05/23/1995
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/22/1993
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1. A fluent material dispensing apparatus for filling multiple containers with fluent material comprising:

  • (a) a hopper for receiving and holding fluent material having an open rectangular mouth and downwardly converging into multiple individual discharge openings;

    (b) multiple individual discharge chutes for dispensing said fluent material formed at the bottom of the hopper and around each of the discharge openings;

    (c) a support frame for supporting the hopper, the support frame comprising base members and a plurality of vertical legs extending between the hopper and the base members;

    (d) swing gate means pivotally mounted to each discharge chute, the swing gate means being movable from an open to a closed position over the opening of the discharge chute for selectively covering the discharge chute to control the discharge of fluent material from the hopper;

    (e) a foot pedal mounted to a lever arm, pivotally mounted to a pivot point, whereby the pivot point comprises a pivot member that is connected to the support frame, wherein said foot pedal actuates the swing gate means without the use of the operators'"'"' hands;

    (f) a swing arm fixed to the swing gate means;

    (g) a linkage rod pivotally connected at one end to the end of the lever arm opposite the foot pedal and at the other end pivotally connected to the swing arm, whereby when the foot pedal is depressed, the lever arm upwardly pushes the linkage rod, which in turn upwardly pushes the swing gate arm, which in turn pivots the swing gate means to selectively uncover the discharge chute; and

    (h) a spring means for quickly returning the foot pedal to a resting position upon release of the foot pedal, whereby the swing gate means returns to the closed position covering the discharge opening.

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