Protective garment for baseball umpires having an inner cushioned layer and an outer layer of interconnected plates

  • US 5,530,966 A
  • Filed: 04/10/1995
  • Issued: 07/02/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/21/1992
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A protective garment for the torso of a body for use by baseball umpires comprising in combinationan inner layer in the form of a flexible pad adapted to conform to the contour of the entire frontal area of the upper torso and having an inner surface adapted to confront the torso, an outer surface facing outwardly from the torso, and a perimeter defining the outlines of said inner and outer surfaces, said layer including an intermediate thickness of cushioning material between said inner and outer surfaces,an outer shell layer covering substantially the entire frontal area of the upper torso and adapted to overlie said inner layer within its perimeter and comprising a plurality of interconnected plate elements, each plate element being positioned and arranged to overlie a selected area of the torso, and means interconnecting said plate elements to form a torso-fitting shell overlying said inner layer,said cushioning material adapted to distribute impacts against a given area of the outer layer over an area of the inner layer which is at least as great as said given area,said interconnecting means comprising at least one flexible strap spanning between adjacent plate elements of said plurality, said strap having one end connected to one element and the other end connected to the adjacent element and being of a length to provide a clearance space between the adjacent elements to afford hinge-like displacement of said adjacent plate elements about a hinge axis within said clearance space, said clearance space being limited to less than the diameter of a baseball whereby said inner layer, in the entire frontal area of the upper torso is protected against direct impact by a baseball,each of said plate elements being a stiff, shock-resistant, lightweight material, having releasable fastening means interconnecting said shell on said inner layer.

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