Software system for collecting and displaying weather information

  • US 5,568,385 A
  • Filed: 06/01/1994
  • Issued: 10/22/1996
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/01/1994
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1. A computer based weather detection and reporting system for collecting and formatting real time weather data to be used in live weather presentation, comprisinga. a microprocessor based computer programmed to(1) receive digital signals encoding real-time weather data collected at a plurality of weather stations;

  • (2) store and retrieve said digital signals to and from data storage;

    (3) store and retrieve predetermined default screen configuration buffers for generating data screens displaying alphanumeric and graphic displays of real-time weather data encoded in said digital signals;

    (4) send said digital signals to said screen buffers when said signals are received by said computer, so that said screen buffers are prepared to display the most current weather data received by the computer;

    (5) in response to an input device, select a plurality of said screen buffers to send to a means for displaying them;

    (6) provide a first plurality of option screens allowing a user to modify real-time weather data input and output options including appearance of said predetermined default screen configuration buffers and placement of screen buffers when displayed;

    (7) provide a second plurality of option screens allowing a user to assign an input device action to a particular selection of said screen buffers;

    (8) provide a third plurality of option screens allowing a user to modify received real-time weather data displayed in said screen buffers;

    b. multiple weather stations, each comprised of(1) one or more weather instruments, each capable of sensing a particular weather parameter, and converting said sensed weather parameter into an analog electrical signal;

    (2) means for converting the analog signal from each said instrument into a series of digital electrical signals corresponding to the values of the sensed weather parameter over time;

    c. means for communicating said digital electrical signals from said weather stations to said computer; and

    d. means for transmitting said data screens incorporating current weather data received by the computer to multiple end users on a real time basis.

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