Tokenless security system for authorizing access to a secured computer system

  • US 5,615,277 A
  • Filed: 11/28/1994
  • Issued: 03/25/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/28/1994
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A tokenless security system partially to fully operationally integrated with and dedicated to a computer system for preventing unauthorized access of said designated computer system by determining an unknown user'"'"'s identity from an examination of unique biometric characteristics that are specific to the user, said security system comprising:

  • a) means for gathering and recording a biometric sample taken directly and physically from an unknown user, said means otherwise operationally isolated and distinct from said computer system;

    b) means interconnecting said gathering means and said computer system for transmitting the gathered biometric sample to said secured computer system;

    c) means integral with said computer system for receiving, storing, retrieving and identifying the gathered biometric sample;

    d) means integral with said computer system for receiving, storing, retrieving and identifying an authenticated biometric sample obtained from each authorized user of said computer system, access to and manipulation of the authenticated biometric samples limited to systems functions necessary for operation of said security system and to specific users charged with updating and maintaining the authenticated biometric samples;

    e) means integral with said computer system for comparing the biometric sample of the unknown user with an authenticated biometric sample obtained from other authorized user, and for generating a correlation factor of a first type from each comparison;

    f) means for evaluating each correlation factor generated by said comparing means in order to determine whether the unknown user is one of said authorized users; and

    g) means for use by an authorized user, unapparent to a coercive third party, for notifying designated authorities that the authorized user'"'"'s access attempt is being coerced, wherein the authorized user is assigned a variable personal code comprising at least two variants, a standard variant which the authorized user enters when the access attempt is voluntary, and one or more alternative variants, any one of which is entered by the authorized user when an access attempt is being coerced.

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