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  • US 5,618,263 A
  • Filed: 08/18/1992
  • Issued: 04/08/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/18/1992
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1. A soft splint structure for limiting flexion of a patient'"'"'s jointed limbs, comprising:

  • a plurality of interconnected elongated soft fabric sleeves forming a wrappable soft splint structure, the sleeves having juxtaposed panels having spaced apart side edges and spaced apart ends which define a pocket in each sleeve adapted to receive sufficient filler material to form sleeve members in the shape of flattened tubes rounded between the side edges and closed at the sides and ends which allow the circulation of air and moisture;

    the sleeve pockets being loosely filled with sufficient lightweight plastic foam bead filler material comprising a multiplicity of discrete lightweight non-absorbent plastic foam beads contained within each sleeve, substantially filling said sleeves to a degree that allows free movement of the beads within the uncompressed sleeve members, to form the sleeves into sleeve members formed as flattened tubes rounded between the side edges and closed at the sides and ends, so that the sleeve members can be molded to fit the contour of the patient'"'"'s limbs;

    said sleeve members resisting bending in response to being wrapped and secured around a patient'"'"'s limb, said sleeve members and a sufficient amount of said plastic foam bead filler material contained therein to have the characteristic that when the sleeve members and beads are compressed when the wrappable structure is wrapped around and compressed against a patient'"'"'s jointed limb and held by a means for removably attaching, they interact to lock together in a previously molded shape to significantly resist bending and allow circulation of air and moisture therethrough to help keep the patient dry;

    the wrappable soft splint structure having bendable connections of the sleeve members to each other along the interconnected side edges of the sleeve members and having at least one inner and a pair of opposite outer sleeve members, andmeans for removably attaching the outer side edges of the opposite outer said sleeve members around a patient'"'"'s limb to removably secure and compress the wrappable structure around a patient'"'"'s limb to form a comfortable hollow semi-rigid soft splint structure around a patient'"'"'s limb which limits flexing of a jointed limb.

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