Virus detection and removal apparatus for computer networks

  • US 5,623,600 A
  • Filed: 09/26/1995
  • Issued: 04/22/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/26/1995
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1. A system for detecting and selectively removing viruses in data transfers, the system comprising:

  • a memory for storing data and routines, the memory having inputs and outputs, the memory including a server for scanning data for a virus and specifying data handling actions dependent on an existence of the virus;

    a communications unit for receiving and sending data in response to control signals, the communications unit having an input and an output;

    a processing unit for receiving signals from the memory and the communications unit and for sending signals to the memory and communications unit;

    the processing unit having inputs and outputs;

    the inputs of the processing unit coupled to the outputs of memory and the output of the communications unit;

    the outputs of the processing unit coupled to the inputs of memory, the input of the communications unit, the processor controlling and processing data transmitted through the communications unit to detect viruses and selectively transfer data depending on the existence of viruses in the data being transmitted;

    a proxy server for receiving data to be transferred, the proxy server scanning the data to be transferred for viruses and controlling transmission of the data to be transferred according to preset handing instructions and the presence of viruses, the proxy server having a data input a data output and a control output the data input coupled to receive the data to be transferred; and

    a daemon for transferring data from the proxy server in response to control signals from the proxy server, the daemon having a control input, a data input and a data output the control input of the daemon coupled to the control output of the proxy server for receiving control signals, and the data input of the daemon coupled to the data output of the proxy server for receiving the data to be transferred.

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