Certain pyrimidinyloxy-phenyl acrylates, derivatives thereof and their fungicidal use

  • US 5,633,256 A
  • Filed: 03/29/1995
  • Issued: 05/27/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/17/1986
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1. A compound having the formula (Ia):

  • ##STR17## or a stereoisomer thereof, wherein A is S(O)n in which n is 0, 1 or 2, or an oxygen atom;

    W is a pyrimidinyl ring linked to A by any one of its carbon atoms and substituted by one or more substituents selected from the group comprising halogen, hydroxy, C1-6 alkyl, C2-6 alkenyl optionally substituted with phenyl, C2-6 alkynyl, C1-6 alkoxy, phenoxy, phenyl, --COR'"'"', --NR'"'"'R", --NHCOR'"'"', nitro, cyano, --CO2 R3, --CONR4 R5, --COR6 or --S(O)m R7, wherein R'"'"' and R" are as defined below, R3, R4, R5, R6 and R7, which are the same or different, are hydrogen, C1-6 alkyl, cycloalkyl, C3-6 cycloalkyl (C1-4)alkyl, C2-6 alkenyl, C2-6 alkynyl, phenyl or phenyl (C1-6)alkyl and m is 0, 1 or 2, any of the foregoing alkyl and alkoxy moieties being optionally substituted with halogen, hydroxy, C1-6, alkoxy, phenyl or phenoxy, any of the foregoing phenyl moieties being optionally substituted with halogen, hydroxy, C1-4 alkyl, C1-4 alkoxy, halo(C1-4)alkyl, halo(C1-4)alkoxy C1-4 alkylthio, C1-4 alkoxy(C1-6)alkyl, C3-6 cycloalkyl, C3-6 cycloalkyl(C1-4)alkyl, phenyl, phenoxy, phenyl(C1-4)alkyl, phenyl(C1-4)alkoxy, phenoxy(C1-4)alkyl, cyano, thiocyanato, nitro, --NR'"'"'R", --NHCOR'"'"', --NHCONR'"'"'R", --CONR'"'"'R", --COOR'"'"', --OSO2 R'"'"', --SO2 R'"'"', --COR'"'"', OCOR'"'"', --CR'"'"'═

    NR" or N═

    CR'"'"'R", wherein R'"'"' and R" are independently hydrogen, C1-4 hydrogen, C1-4 alkyl, C1-4 alkoxy, C1-4 alkythio, C3-6 cycloalkyl, C3-6 cycloalkyl(C1-4)alkyl, phenyl or benzyl, the phenyl and benzyl groups being optionally substituted with halogen, C1-4 alkyl, or C1-4 alkoxy.

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