Filter system with external scrubber

  • US 5,635,080 A
  • Filed: 11/17/1995
  • Issued: 06/03/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/17/1995
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1. A filter system for removing products from dirty liquid flowing therethrough and thereby providing a filtered liquid, comprising:

  • a filter vessel having an inlet for providing a dirty liquid flow into one end thereof and a clean liquid outlet through which filtered liquid can exit said filter vessel;

    a filter screen supported adjacent said clean liquid outlet and within said filter vessel through which filtered liquid must flow in order to exit said outlet;

    a quantity of particulate filter media in said filter vessel received against said filter screen for normal filter operation wherein products are captured by said particulate filter media and filtered as liquid flows through the media and the filter screen and then exits through said clean liquid outlet;

    a closed loop flow path comprising an intermittently operable scrub vessel connected exteriorly of said filter vessel, a fluidizing nozzle, and pump means;

    said scrub vessel having a fluidized media inlet, a cleaned media outlet, and a scrub water discharge;

    said cleaned media outlet being connected to said nozzle for discharging the cleaned media towards said filter screen and thereby fluidizing the media and liquid contained upstream of said filter screen;

    said pump means having a suction inlet in said filter vessel above said filter screen for receiving flow of dirty liquid from the interior of said filter vessel, and a pump outlet connected to said scrub vessel;

    a scrub and separator screen in said scrub vessel through which liquid and removed contaminants can flow while the filter media is substantially precluded from flowing through the scrub and separator screen;

    a scrub water discharge chamber formed contiguous respective to said scrub water screen and connected to discharge contaminants and liquid from said discharge chamber through said scrub water discharge;

    said nozzle being aligned within said filter vessel such that said particulate filter media and any liquid contained upstream of the screen assumes a flow path which fluidizes the particulate filter media to facilitate flow of the fluidized media from the filter vessel into the scrub vessel where a scrubbing action translocates any removed products from the particulate filter media into the dirty liquid and a part of the dirty liquid is separated from the cleaned media and discharged from the scrub water discharge;

    whereby, a relative large quantity of the fluidized media can be fluidized within said filtering vessel to thereby suspend the particulate filter media and the products within the dirty liquid while said fluidized media is directed through said pump means and into said scrub vessel where contaminants are scrubbed from said particulate filter media as scrub water and contaminants flow through said scrub and separator screen, into said discharge chamber, and discharged from said scrub vessel by means of said scrub water discharge; and

    the scrubbed media continues through said scrub vessel and is returned to the filter vessel while contaminants and scrub water flow through said scrub water discharge, and said pump means circulates a relatively small quantity of the fluidized media through the scrub vessel where the media is cleaned and separated from the scrub water which is discharged from the system.

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