Substituted oxazine and thiazine oxazolidinone antimicrobials

  • US 5,688,792 A
  • Filed: 03/05/1996
  • Issued: 11/18/1997
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/16/1994
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1. A compound of structural Formula I:

  • or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof wherein;

    X is O;

    R is (a) hydrogen,(b) C1 -C8 alkyl optionally substituted with one or more of the following;

    F, Cl, hydroxy, C1 -C8 alkoxy, C1 -C8 acyloxy or --O--CH2 --Ph,(c) C3 -C6 cycloalkyl,(d) amino,(e) C1 -C8 alkylamino,(f) C1 -C8 dialkylamino or(g) C1 -C8 alkoxy;

    R1 is H, CH3, CN, CO2 H, CO2 R or (CH2)mu R11 (m is 1 or


    R2 is independently H, F or Cl;

    R3 is H except when R1 is CH3 then R3 can be H or CH3 ;

    R10 is independently H, C1 -C4 alkyl (optionally substituted with chloro, fluoro, hydroxy,C1 -C8 alkoxy, amino, C1 -C8 alkylamino, or C1 -C8 dialkylamino) or p-toluenesulfonyl;

    R11 is hydrogen, OH, OR, OCOR, NH2, NHCOR or N(R10)2 ; and

    n is 0, 1 or 2.

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