Adhesive patch for applying analgesic medication to the skin

  • US 5,741,510 A
  • Filed: 04/08/1996
  • Issued: 04/21/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/30/1994
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A non-occlusive medication-containing analgesic adhesive patch for the transdermal delivery of medication into the body of a patient through the skin for the relief of pain including arthritis, backache, and muscular aches and strains comprising,a flexible pressure-sensitive adhesive hydrocolloidal gel matrix as a layer including:

  • 1) a natural or synthetic polymer,2) a biomedically active pain relieving substance dispersed in the gel matrix layer for being absorbed through the skin into the body of the patient,a flexible backing sheet for supporting the matrix, said backing sheet comprising a sheet of water insoluble material having an upper surface and a lower surface,said patch including both the backing and the matrix layer is non-occlusive with a moisture vapor transmission rate that is greater than that of a person'"'"'s skin,said adhesive matrix layer is cured so as to solidify in contact with the backing,said adhesive patch having the following portions proceeding from a lower surface of the adhesive patch to said upper surface of the backing;

    a) a portion of said pressure-sensitive adhesive matrix layer located below the lower surface of the backing, said layer having an exposed pressure-sensitive adhesive surface for bonding the patch to the skin of the patient,b) an upper portion of the matrix bonded to the backing,c) the backing having a portion that is free of said matrix,d) the backing has an upper surface that is spaced apart from the matrix andsaid biomedically active substance is dispersed in the matrix such that the matrix releases the biomedically active substance into the body of the patient through said adhesive surface of the matrix that is bonded to the patient'"'"'s skin.

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