Method and apparatus for advancing a tool on a lathe

  • US 5,749,273 A
  • Filed: 10/23/1995
  • Issued: 05/12/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/23/1995
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1. A method for imparting relative motion between a tool that is carried by a tool holder and a workpiece on a lathe, which method comprises:

  • a) providing a feed screw having a first end and a second end and having a threaded portion near the first end thereof;

    b) fixing the tool holder with respect to the feed screw, so that axial motion of the feed screw will be translated to the tool carried by the tool holder;

    c) providing a hollow drive tube that is disposed to rotate about its long axis, which drive tube has an internal diameter large enough to accommodate the feed screw;

    d) mounting the drive tube at a location that is fixed with respect to the workpiece;

    e) attaching a nut that is threaded to mate with the threaded portion of the feed screw to one end of the drive tube;

    f) attaching a drive means to the drive tube;

    g) locking the second end of the feed screw so as to temporarily prohibit rotational motion of the feed screw;

    h) mating the nut with the threaded portion of the feed screw so that at least a portion of the feed screw extends into the drive tube;

    i) rotating the drive tube with the drive means so as to impart axial motion to the feed screw as the nut rotates thereabout and to impart relative motion thereby to the tool that is carried by the tool holder.

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