Method for elongating glass preform

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  • Filed: 11/26/1996
  • Issued: 05/26/1998
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1. A method of forming an elongated glass body, said method comprising the steps of:

  • preparing a glass preform, the glass preform including a steady portion with a length extending in a longitudinal direction of the glass preform and having a uniform outer diameter along the length, a first tapered portion with a first tapering outer diameter, and a second tapered portion with a second tapering outer diameter, each of the first and second tapering outer diameters being smaller than the uniform outer diameter, the first tapered portion and the second tapered portion being disposed on a first end and a second end of the steady portion, respectively;

    feeding the glass preform into a heater at a first speed so that the first tapered portion is fed to the heater before the second tapered portion, the heater operating at a temperature sufficient to heat and soften the glass preform;

    moving the glass preform through the heater along an advancing direction and thereby heating and softening the glass preform with the heater at predetermined parts of the glass preform as the predetermined parts move through the heater in a successive manner along the advancing direction;

    discharging the glass preform from the heater at a second speed which is faster than the first speed and thereby applying tensile stress to the glass preform to elongate the glass preform; and

    measuring at a predetermined position a measured value of an outer diameter for each of the predetermined parts subjected to said heating and softening steps as the predetermined parts successively move by the predetermined position and, based upon a comparison between the measured value and a preset value of a control outer diameter, adjusting at least one of the first and second speeds so that the measured value corresponds to the preset value,wherein at least a first portion of said step of adjusting is conducted during a first period of time from when a distance between the second end of the steady portion and an opening of the heater is a first value to when said step of moving is terminated, so that the first period of time encompasses a second period of time during which the second tapered portion is moved through the opening, andwherein during said first portion of said step of adjusting, said process further comprises decreasing the preset value of the control outer diameter in a first stepwise manner in response to a distance of movement of the glass preform in the advancing direction.

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