Computer aided routing and positioning system

  • US 5,802,492 A
  • Filed: 06/11/1996
  • Issued: 09/01/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/24/1994
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A computer-aided routing and positioning system (CARPS) for use with a device that includes geocoding capability, comprising:

  • a digital computer having a computer display;

    a map database providing a set of electronic maps for presentation on said computer display, wherein said electronic maps have the capability of depicting transportation routes having identifiable waypoints including route intersections at geographical locations along said transportation routes, said identifiable waypoints on said electronic maps being identifiable in said computer by coordinate locations of a selected geographical coordinate system;

    a CARPS database of geographically locatable points of interest (POIs) identifiable by coordinate locations in said geographical coordinate system, said POIs being organized into a plurality of types for user selection of POIs by type, said POI types including overlays of said CARPS database for display over said electronic maps on said computer display;

    CARPS software permitting user travel planning using said electronic maps presented on said computer display by providing user selection of selected waypoints that include at least a travel origin and a travel destination and can include intermediate waypoints, wherein said CARPS software is capable of determining an additional group of said intermediate waypoints between said travel origin and said travel destination, and of calculating, delineating, and displaying a travel route between said travel origin and said travel destination via said intermediate waypoints according to user choice of a shortest travel route, quickest travel route, or user-selected preferred travel route;

    said CARPS software also permits user selection of a region of interest along said user-defined travel route, said region of interest having user-specified dimensions and permitting user selection of specified P0I types within said region of interest and user selection of particular POIs from said selected types within said region of interest, said region of interest being identifiable in said computer by coordinate locations of said geographical coordinate system;

    wherein said CARPS database include travel information selected from a group consisting of graphics, photos, videos, animations, audio information, and text information about POIs of said CARPS database and about said transportation routes and said identifiable waypoints of said electronic maps,wherein said CARPS software is constructed to present a user-customized travelog for preview on said computer display of a user-defined travel route including said travel information in said CARPS database on said selected transportation routes and said selected waypoints of said electronic maps and said selected POIs of said CARPS database in said user-defined region of interest along said travel route, andwherein said CARPS software permits data transfer between (a) a device that includes geocoding capability and (b) said digital computer.

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