Circuit device including RF converter, tuner and if amplifier

  • US 5,815,218 A
  • Filed: 01/04/1996
  • Issued: 09/29/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/04/1995
  • Status: Expired due to Term
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1. A circuit device provided in a video signal processing apparatus, said circuit device comprising:

  • a tuner for tuning a television signal and means for supplying a plurality of RF television signals from an antenna to the tuner via an antenna input terminal, said tuner being arranged to convert an RF television signal into an IF television signal;

    an IF amplifier for amplifying and demodulating the IF television signal to obtain a baseband video and for providing said baseband video signal to a video processing circuit;

    an RF converter for re-modulating the video signal output by the video processing circuit and outputting an RF modulated signal to an antenna circuit connected between the antenna input terminal and an antenna output terminal, said antenna circuit being arranged to receive an RF television signal from said antenna input terminal and the RF modulated signal from said RF converter, and to output a converted RF television signal to said output terminal and to the tuner in accordance with a control signal; and

    an RF oscillator circuit included in said RF converter for providing a VHF carrier which is modulated by the output of said video processing circuit, said oscillator circuit comprising a resonance circuit including at least one coil and a capacitor for controlling an oscillation frequency of the RF oscillator and a switch for shifting said oscillation frequency in order to shift from a first VHF carrier frequency to a second VHF carrier frequency; and

    wherein said antenna circuit, said tuner, said IF amplifier, and said RF converter are all accommodated in a shield case.

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