Computer network system and method for efficient information transfer

  • US 5,828,837 A
  • Filed: 04/15/1996
  • Issued: 10/27/1998
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/15/1996
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1. A computer network for connecting information providers and users through a network service provider that assigns network addresses to the users comprising:

  • a user node includingmeans for sending a user id corresponding to a current user of the user node,means for receiving and displaying target information,means for receiving from the current user a request for certain user-selected information, andmeans for compiling and transmitting a user report identifying the displayed target information and user-selected information;

    a master database containing user information, including user profile information and target information references;

    a master node, coupled to the user node over a transmission medium capable of supporting communications between the master node and the user node, the master node includingmeans for receiving the user id and the respective network address from the network service provider,means for monitoring the traffic on the transmission medium between the user node and the master node,means for transferring information to the user node minimizing additional communication delay between the master node and the user node; and

    a master program module, coupled to the master node and the master database, includingmeans for receiving the user id and the respective network address from the master node,means for accessing from the master database user profile information corresponding to the user id,means for transmitting to the user node, through the master node, a reference to target information corresponding to the accessed user profile, andmeans for storing in the master database the user report from the user node.

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