Spice grinder

  • US 5,865,384 A
  • Filed: 05/30/1997
  • Issued: 02/02/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/30/1997
  • Status: Expired due to Fees
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1. A grinder, comprising:

  • a hollow housing having a housing ring at an upper portion thereof and a partition seat at a middle portion thereof, said housing ring including a ring having a housing hole, said partition seat inclining downwardly towards a center of said hollow housing and having a seat hole;

    a spindle in the form of a polyangular rod and having a baffle piece at a bottom thereof;

    a grinding device, comprising a conical grinding disk and a circular, stepped grinding base, said grinding disk having an angular hole at a center thereof for passage of said spindle therethrough to transmit movement, said angular hole having a plurality of inclined, radial disk wings extending integrally from a periphery of a wall defining the angular hole, a multiplicity of obliquely extending disk teeth interdisposed among said disk wings;

    said grinding base having a base rim at a lower portion thereof and a grinding cylinder at an upper portion thereof for insertion into said seat hole, said grinding cylinder having a plurality of oblique grinding teeth at an inner surrounding wall thereof, said spindle being passed through said grinding cylinder for rotation of said grinding disk and grinding a spice disposed between said disk wings and said grinding teeth into pieces, the pieces being further ground by said disk teeth and said grinding teeth into a spice powder having a particle size smaller than a clearance between said disk teeth and said grinding teeth so that the spice powder may drop out therefrom;

    an adjusting device comprising an annular base disk with a pair of wings, each wing extending from an opposite side of said base disk, said wings extending to a disk post at a center of said base disk, said disk post having a disk hole and two wing slots, a disk packing having two side wings being disposed in said disk hole, with said two side wings located in said wing slots, a screw rod of a knob being passed through said disk hole of said disk post to lock with a packing piece, whereby when said knob is turned said disk packing may displace upwardly and downwardly and further cause said spindle connected with said disk packing to also displace upwardly and downwardly for adjusting the clearance between said disk teeth and said grinding teeth, a plurality of screws being passed through said base disk to lock said grinding base to a bottom of said partition seat; and

    a driving device having an angular hole connected with said spindle.

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