Internally stabilized vinylidene chloride resin in autodeposition

  • US 5,912,297 A
  • Filed: 06/06/1995
  • Issued: 06/15/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/25/1983
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1. An autodepositing composition comprising an acidic aqueous solution of an acid/oxidizing system consisting essentially of hydrofluoric acid and a soluble ferric iron-containing compound and having dispersed therein resin solids of an internally stabilized vinylidene chloride copolymer comprising the following polymerized constituents:

  • (A) between 45 and about 99 wt. % based on the total weight of monomers used of vinylidene chloride monomer;

    (B) from about 0.5 to 30 wt. % based on the total weight of (A) and (B) hereof of a second relatively more hydrophilic ethylenically unsaturated monomeric material, wherein such monomeric material has a solubility in both the water phase and the oil phase of the polymer latex of at least 1 wt. % at the temperature of polymerization; and

    (C) from about 0.1 to about 5 wt. % based on the total weight of other monomers of an ionic significantly water-soluble material which is co-polymerizable with the material (B) hereof and is selected from the group of sulfonic acids and their salts having the formula;

    space="preserve" listing-type="equation">R--Z--Q--(SO.sub.3)-M.sup.+wherein "R" is selected from the group consisting of vinyl and substituted vinyl;

    "Z" represents a difunctional linking group which is capable of activating the double bond in the vinyl group;

    --Q-- is a divalent hydrocarbon having its valence bonds on different carbon atoms; and

    the "M+ " represents a cation;

    wherein said composition is capable of forming on a steel surface an autodeposited coating which, in its cured form, is essentially free of chromium, said essentially chromium-free cured coating having corrosion-resistant properties characterized by less than about 1 mm loss of adhesion at the scribe when subjected to 5% neutral salt spray at 95°

    F. ASTM B-117 for 500 hours or more.

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