Simultaneous recording and playback apparatus

  • US 5,930,444 A
  • Filed: 04/28/1994
  • Issued: 07/27/1999
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/23/1992
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1. A recording and playback apparatus for the substantially immediate and seamless resumption of interrupted perception of program information based upon audio or video signals, or both, without missing the program information presented during the interruption, comprising:

  • means for powering the apparatus;

    a keyboard having a record key and a playback key;

    a control circuit coupled responsively to said keyboard;

    a memory unit coupled responsively to said control circuit, said memory unit having a medium for storage of information, said storage medium having structure which enables substantially random access to information stored in said medium for retrieval of the stored information from said storage medium;

    at least one input, said input being connected to a user'"'"'s audio/video program signal source and also being coupled to said memory unit so as to enable program information presented by the signal source to be transferred to and stored in said memory unit; and

    at least one output, said output being connected to a user'"'"'s audio or video display device or both, said output further being connected to said memory unit so as to enable the transfer of program information from said memory unit to the user'"'"'s display device, said control circuit being configured so that substantially simultaneous recording and playback of program information is achieved when said record key is first actuated to begin a recording by initiating storage of the broadcast program information in said memory unit, and said playback key is subsequently and solely actuated to begin time delay playback of the recording from the beginning thereof by initiating retrieval of the stored program information in said memory unit, with the interval of the time delay being the same as the time elapsed between the actuation of said record key and the subsequent actuation of said playback key.

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